Inspire for your education management needs

Manage all your education resources in one place

Best in class education management and planning services to help you focus on more meaningful business aspects.

Forever free and no credit card required.


Inspire provides you with all the resources you need for your education system


For Admins

Manage the your entire enterprise in one place.


For Employees

360 degree access to employees for all their needs.


For Students

Intuitive and Informative Modern layout - easy to use interface.

Designed for Education Systems to excel.

Designed to keep the big picture in mind. The enterprise should focus on education delivery and Inspire will provide tools to do just that.

Free to Use

Inspire Education Management system is free to use for 6 months. No restriction on the number of users.


Best in the Class Resources

Inspire Education Management System channels best in class APIs and resources across the globe at the click of a button.


Personal Projects

All of your enterprise's tools in one place under one umbrella. You don't need to spend money on different software to run one enterprise.

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    Client Support

    Best in class online, in person and ticket based support system. Making sure the clients come first and are heard.

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    Secure Hangouts

    Team/Group hangouts and instant text messaging right from the dashboard.

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    No Hassle Billing

    No charges ever. Period. Free to use for students and parents. Minimal charges for enterprise. Free for basic use.

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Why you need Inspire

Single Window System

Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world. - Nelson Mandela

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